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  Friday, Aug 14


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Neighborhood News

Want to know what's shakin' in Virtual Neighborhoods? Here are a few of our favorite places, plus upcoming events and new features you can't live without.

Hello and welcome!

This week's neighborhood news update features two hot new pages from your virtual neighbors.

Toon Inn:
If you don't have a sense of humor, Dan will install one for you! Check out his MIDI files and other goodies on his Web page.
Stop by Toon Inn at:

Karen's house is chock full of cool things. From her photo album to her links, everything in Karen's house is worth a visit!
Check out KARENDELAC's House at:

Community Leaders Wanted!
Do you like meeting people on the Internet? Are you good with HTML? Do you know what it takes to make a great home page? Do you want to help keep your neighborhood safe? Then you should become a Community Leader in our Virtual Neighborhood. Contact DCLAEileen@aol.com or visit the Community Center at: http://members.digitalcity.com/DCLAEileen

Page Tip:
AOL members can take advantage of AOLPress (Keyword: AOLPress) when creating their home page. It's free, easy to use and has a great tutorial. You can find the tutorial at http://www.aolpress.com/press/1.2/help/tutorial/index.htm.

Do you want your page to be featured here?
Let us know if you think your page belongs here and we'll be happy to check it out. Write to us at vnfeedbackla@digitalcity.com

Need help with your page?
Drop us a note at vnfeedbackla@digitalcity.com or write to us directly. We're standing by to help you.

Want to join the Virtual Neighborhood?
The Virtual Neighborhood is free and you can join from AOL or from the Web. If you don't have your house on the block yet, click the "join" button at the top left of this page.

This is your neighborhood, so tell us what you'd like to see here!

Catch you in the 'hood!   Have a great week!

-- Eileen (DCLAEileen@aol.com)
-- Justin (DCLAJKerr@aol.com)


Have a question about the Virtual Neighborhood?   Check out our Frequently Asked Questions at: http://neighbors.digitalcity.com/losangeles/faq.dci

Want to change your home page description, house icon or personal information?   Just Edit your Member Profile at: http://vn.digitalcity.com/losangeles/editmemprof.dci

Want to change the content of your home page?   Try the Home Page Editor at: http://vn.digitalcity.com/losangeles/editpage.dci

Looking for people with similar interests?   Check out the Virtual Neighborhood Club Directory, at: http://vn.digitalcity.com/losangeles/clublist.dci

Feel like chatting with your neighbors?   We have a list of member and club chat rooms open right now.   The Chat Directory is available at: http://vn.digitalcity.com/losangeles/chat.dci

Still have questions? E-mail us at vnhelpla@digitalcity.com

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