~~I believe in the support of Law Enforcement. This is part of the hat of being a model citizen. Just like "neighborhood watch" in various neighborhoods alert the police, on any suspicious activity, I believe that all of us can contribute to a safer society by supporting law enforcement.

~~I believe to be a good member of the community one should participate in a neighborhood watch and report and support law enforcement.

~~I am pro-law-enforcement have no sympathy whatsoever for the criminal.

~~I believe we are all responsible for our own condition and accountable for our actions, even when dishonest criminal defense attorneys can hire "expert witnesses" to get OJ Simpson type felons off the hook.

~~You can now contact authorities with a few mouse clicks. For example, if you have knowledge of an abused child, click on "Missing and Exploited Children" and type in the information and click on SEND.

~~If you have knowledge of unethical conduct or something illegal which you need to be convinced that you should report to your local agency, Email me, for any coaching/assistance/URL/motivation if you need help.

Here are some useful links

COPS Home Page
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
FBI's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives
FBI Tips and Public Leads
Missing Kids
U.S. Department of Justice-Cybercrimes
Usenet Child Pornography Crime
Intelligence and spy links
Los Angeles Police Department Home Page
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Home Page
New York City Police Department

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