Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City
(The Wizard of Oz Collection I)


In June of 2008 The Wizard of Oz was ranked #1 on the American Film Institute's list of the 10 greatest films in the Fantasy genre. A recent study claimed that this is the most watched movie in film history, largely due to the number of television screenings each year as well as video which has enabled children of every generation to see it.

Warner Brothers Studios recruited Thomas Kinkade to be the official artist of the 1939 release of America's greatest and best loved home grown fairy tales. This painting is the first of eight Wizard of Oz paintings by Thomas Kinkade. Thom refers to this as his Oz Octet. These eight paintings play off one another and will depict the story of the Wizard of Oz since each one will build upon the next.

Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City
Key Points

  • "Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City" is the first work of what will become Thom's "Oz Octet".

  • Thom utilized his imagination to journey beyond the imagery of the original film and recreated how Oz might have appeared employing modern special effects.

  • In the painting you'll notice that Toto is the only character that reacts to the Wicked Witch, as the Wizard of OZ - Dorothy Discovers the Emerald Cityothers are distracted by the awing influence of the Emerald City as they view it for the first time.

  • "Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City", as with Thom's Disney collection, attempts to capture the quintessence of the complete film in one panoramic Wizard of OZ - Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City.

  • Look closely along the Yellow Brick Road, to find the Apple Tree that said "Ouch", when Dorothy tried to pick an apple off of it.

  • Thom has hidden 88 dedication hearts to embrace the love of his mother Mary Anne- who celebrated her 88th birthday this year.

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